Victorious Living Bible Institute Class of 2024

Pictured Front Row:Dr. Renae Sellers, Tanganeki Manning, Inge Clark Reed, Gloria Moore Wright, Terry Sylvester, Dr. Michael-Angelo James (Commencement Speaker), Stefanee Carr, Celestine V. Johnson, Tranelle Kellam, Dr. Anita Williams-Harris (Provost).

Pictured Back Row: Tony Clark, Deneice Brown, Lusorndia Moore Roper, Latasha Edwards, Charnita Williams, Chyna McGarity, Shwanada Reed.

Not Pictured: Adeola Aragbaye, Merry Bond, Janice Brown, Tressia Dennis, Stacie Evans, Tyion Fields, Joseph Gray, Henry Herrin, Brenda Latimore, Olivia Lundy, Leroy Sweeting, Sr., Dr. Lisa Sweeting, Camille Wesley, Laleeta Renee Whiting, Toryan Whiting, Latonya Wilkes. 

Emily Anderson, Quetty Angerville, Shequitta Arnold, Andrea Below, Bebe Bentley, Linda Bradley, Charles Broady, Chaunty Carter, Ester Castillo, Tameka Stanford Daniels, Beverly Davis, William Duncan, Christian Ensley, Kizzie Franks, Elaine Frazier, David Garber, Janelle Harriott, Kelly Holman, Monica S. Holsendolph-Frazier, Tunde Howard, Donna Lynne Hubbard, Gerald Hunter, Sharon Hunter, Dorothy Irving, Matthew Jackson, Nakisha Jenkins, Mahogany Johnson-Jenkins, Wanda Jones, Eddie Killings, Barbara King, Karen Lecounte, Darlene Ludick-Barnes, Aria Magwood, Shuntina Manual, Lonnia McCargo, Chyna McGarity, Jimmy McGauley, Jr., Mechelle Moore, Pamela Muchison, Lineka Powell, Philip Price, Daniel Purdle, Martha Reed, Cynthia Reid, Marcus Reid, Lakeshia Roberts, Stacy Robinson, Beverly Smith, Kimberly Sykes, Joyce Tembi, Caratina Waiters, Linda Walker, Evelyn Washington, Kenyetta Washington, John Watkins, Dr. J. Michelle Whitaker, Dora Williams, Lindsay Williams, Margaret Williams, Yolanda Williams, Arlaina Winn, and Leslie Winn.

The Victorious Living Bible Institute Graduating Class of 2023

Front Row (Left to Right): Dr. Michelle Whitaker, Dr. Anita Harris, Lesa Latimore-Kelley, Terry Sylvester, Debra Recupero, Lakeisha Roberts, Kimberly Sykes, Dora Williams, Stacy Robinson, Dr. Renae Sellers, and Dr. Samuel Sellers, III. 

Back Row (Left to Right): Andrea Ivey, Trina Anderson Brinson, Karen Lecounte, Donna Lynne Hubbard, Sharon Hunter, Gerald Hunter, and Michael Lecounte. 

Not Pictured: Dorothy G. Irving, Adewale Falode, Quetty Angerville, Charles Broady, Sr., Brian Clark, Ebony Collins, Sylvester Ginn, Jr., Sylvester Ginn, Sr., Jennifer Harris, Gloria Moore-Wright, Loy Rateau, Inge' C. Reed, Brenda Sarpy, Deborah Lafay Sheppard, Evelyn Sterling, Joyce Tembi, Terry A. Weems, Sr., Ronald Worobel, Phylicia Marie Duncan, Arlene Goff, Tyrone Harris, Jasmine Jacobs, Barbara Maxwell-King, Pamela Muchison, Danyel Washington, John Edward Watkins, Miranda Rhem-White, Andre Anglin, Jacquelyn Hairston, Deborah Hollins, Sheena Lykes, Luckisha Townsend, Charlene Turner, and Andrea Young. 


Commencement 2023

Dr. Jeffrey Whitaker (Instructor), Dr. Michelle Whitaker (Student Advisor), Dr. Anita Harris (Provost), Barbara Maxwell-King (Board Secretary), Dr. Renae Sellers (Founder/President), and Dr. Samuel Sellers, III (Founder/Board of Directors). 


Dr. Brenda Latimore, Board Certified Christian Counselor, Fall 2023

"I am so thankful to have been given the opportunity to serve as a student in the Christian Counseling Accelerated Zoom Training experience with Dr. Sellers. The class, under the leadership and instructions of Dr. Sellers, was enlightening and stimulating. My spiritual desire to help others in need became more exhilarating as I listened, interacted, and discussed what and how becoming a Christian Counselor can provide biblical guidance while impacting, motivating, and assisting those in need with challenges encountered in this present day. Thank you Dr. Sellers and Victorious Living Bible Institute!" (Dr. Brenda Latimore, Macon, Georgia) 

Inge C. Reed, Board Certified Christian Counselor, Class of 2023

"To God be the glory for VLBI and Dr. Sellers! Dr. Sellers is a phenomenal professor who teaches with such depth and compassion. I've learned so much in the Certified Christian Counseling class the curriculum was great. The breakout sessions were so helpful. I'm equipped and excited to utilize the tools and resources. The course was so good I wasn't ready for it end. I'm better equipped to encourage and support with biblical principles and refer to professionals and outside help. I have R.E.A.L. helping skills to make and impact for Jesus Christ. This is truly the institute for me! I'm looking forward to taking more courses." (Inge C. Reed, Columbus, Ohio) 

Andrea Ivey, Board Certified Christian Counselor, Class of 2023

"I had the pleasure of attending VLBI for Christian Counseling and I must say it is definitely what I needed in continuing support for the Outreach Ministry we have. The information and the Facilitator Dr. Renae Sellers was phenomenal. This definitely puts you in a more effective position to Counsel those that are hurting God’s way. Thank you VLBI again for allowing us to be better at what we do." (Andrea Ivey, Waycross, Georgia) 

Brenda Sarpy, Board Certified Christian Counselor, Class of 2023 

"The Christian Counseling course that I completed was not only instrumental in my personal growth, it also provided me with an added avenue to present Christ. The class instructor, Dr. Sellers has a passion and love for Christ and his people that simply can not be obliterated. I would definitely refer this course, the VBLI School and all connected to them!!!!" (Brenda Sarpy, Natchitoches, Louisiana)


Joyce Tembi, Board Certified Christian Counselor, Class of 2023 

"I had a wonderful experience here @ VLBI. While not exactly sure what to expect, I immediately found myself among a group of selfless individuals from different background of life and ethnicity. The diversity was interesting; and wait you all, our facilitator, Dr Renae Sellers. was fabulously awesome and on point. You could sit and listen to her all day without blinking. She made the intense 10 weeks seem a breeze. I personally looked forward to each class and the material was very, very informative and so relevant to what I was going in for; Certificate in Christian Counseling.
I strongly recommend this course and this school because they work out a payment plan for you and I did not feel pressured in anyway. I am already looking for my next course to register with Victorious Living Bible Institute.
Thank you guys for letting God use you all to change and impact lives. More grace in serving and teaching the Gospel in the ways of Jehovah God." (Joyce Tembi, Round Rock, Texas) 



Shannon N. McGauley, Christian Counselor Certification Program, Class of 2022

"I recommend Victorious Living Bible Institute to anyone looking to grow in ministry in any position. I graduated from here with my Christian Counseling Certification. The classes were great and very informative. They are self-paced and what I liked most was that our teacher was easy to contact with questions, especially since this was an online course during the pandemic. I plan on continuing my education in the near future to receive my Bachelors in Biblical Studies." (Shannon N. McGauley, Blackshear, GA)



Michael James Thames, Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies, Class of 2021

"I enrolled at VLBI over a year ago, right before COVID. I am so glad that God led me to this School. The teaching and commitment to excellence in learning is consistent in every class. The subject matter and classes, as well as the instructors and administrators, are outstanding. The study groups and curriculum will challenge you, while also inspiring you to go deeper into your studies of God's word. If you are looking to further your education in Theology and Biblical Studies, or if you are called by God into the Ministry (which we ALL are), this is a wonderful choice. I cannot say enough good things about my experience and growth since enrolling." (Michael James Thames, Orlando, FLA)


Camille N. Wesley, Christian Counselor Certification Program, Class of 2021

"My experience with VLBI was great. The curriculum was Christ centered and Bible based teaching. The staff is excellent, I was never left without direction and support. I would highly recommend VLBI. The ministry is a pillar in our community that demonstrates love and giving to others. They have classes to equip the Body of Christ to help advance the Kingdom of God. So if you are ready to elevate your life give them a call." (Camille N. Wesley, Waycross, GA)


Pastor Jeremy Stone, Guest Facilitator, Leader Development

Angela Cooper, Bible Diploma in Christian Ministry, Class of 2018

"I am so thankful to be a student at Victorious Living Bible Institute. My wisdom, knowledge,and understanding of the Gospel has increased tremendously since enrolling as a student. Dr. Renae Sellers is a phenomenal teacher!!! Enroll today!!! You will not regret it!" (Angela Cooper, Cairo, GA)

Monique Flanagan (Deceased), Bible Diploma in Christian Ministry, Class of 2018

"I thank God for Dr. Renae Sellers' vision for Victorious Living Bible Institute. I can honestly say that I am enjoying this learning experience. The way Dr. Sellers breaks down the Bible word by word gives us a great outlook of God's plan and Jesus' mission as we understand the Power Principles, while building faith, unity, love, forgiveness and maximizing our ministry. I give God all the glory for VLBI. I can't wait to get started on our next class." (Monique Flanagan - Deceased, Waycross, GA)

The VLBI Team and the Class of 2018

Anita M. Harris, DMin: Christian Leadership, Class of 2020

"As a graduate of VLBI, I have increased my knowledge and understanding of the Word, and have grown spiritually and personally. Dr. Sellers goes above and beyond to ensure each student understands the content. Her in-depth study of the Word is evident in the manner in which she delivers each anointed, Spirit-filled lesson. Dr. Sellers' classes and assignments provide opportunities for students to engage in learning and apply it to real life experiences, which helps students retain what they've learned. I highly recommend VLBI to anyone who wants to 1) enhance or gain in-depth knowledge of the Word, 2) wants to grow spiritually, and/or 3) wants to be a more effective leader and servant." (Anita M. Harris, Ed.D, DMin, Blackshear, GA)

Latinya V. Jones, Christian Counselor Certification Program, Class of 2020

"It was such a great honor and pleasure being a part of the Christian Counseling Program at Victorious Living Bible Institute. Dr Sellers is such a phenomenal woman of God. She was very knowledgeable, patient, supportive, and encouraging. When I wanted to give up, she pushed me to the finish line with words of wisdom. Thank you! Grace and Peace be with all other students [in the program]. Blessings!! I'm Grateful!!!?? (Latinya V. Jones, Orlando, FLA)

Janice Allen, Bible Diploma in Christian Ministry, Class of 2021

"What I orginally wanted, I thought, was a verse by verse, chapter by chapter, book by book, course of the Bible. Not realizing that I needed a foundation to go along with that. I have learned so much and it's amazing how much I use it in everyday life." (Janice Allen, Waycross, GA)

Susan Barasa, Bible Diploma in Christian Ministry, Kenya Campus Class of 2021