Victorious Living Bible Institute: Admissions, Payment Options, and Policies

Whether you're pursuing a certificate, diploma, bachelor’s, or master’s degree at Victorious Living Bible Institute (VLBI), we provide essential information about enrollment, payment options, and our educational philosophy.

Degrees Must Be Earned:

  • All certificates and degrees offered at VLBI must be earned through a combination of studies provided by VLBI and credits for your religious training and life work experience.

Online Learning:

  • Studies conducted online and through Zoom virtual instruction, offering flexibility for students worldwide.


  • Course materials mailed to student for self-pace study. 

How Credits Are Earned: 

Each certificate, diploma, or degree, at every level, includes a mandatory core curriculum. If you are a correspondence student, a mentor will be assigned to assist you. Methods to obtain credits include, but are not limited to, the following (this applies to both online and correspondence students):

  • Transcripted courses from other colleges, universities, and institutions
  • Certificates and licenses.
  • Credit by examination and ministry life experience (LEAP)
  • Workshops, seminars, training programs, counseling programs, AA programs
  • We allow some credit toward degrees, certificates, credentials, and diplomas based on your religious life experience and religious training.
  • Published papers or books.
  • Independent study and research projects.
  • Correspondence courses.
  • Volunteer work.
  • Completing a written or oral examination

Students can demonstrate the level of knowledge they have acquired in different subject areas through standardized tests and potentially earn credit for class equivalency.

Policy Statement - Course Load Requirements: 

Workload expectations in this policy provide an estimate of the amount of work required for an average student to earn an average grade. Course grades are determined by the quality of the work submitted rather than the number of hours invested. Workload expectations per credit remain consistent regardless of the course delivery method or the academic term's length. The minimum full-time load for undergraduate students is 12 credit hours, and the minimum part-time load is 6 credit hours.

The total time required to complete coursework varies based on the individual, but the average time commitment for a three-credit-hour class would be 18 hours per week, including online time if required. Regular submission of work is mandatory.

Certain courses may have frequent deadlines, such as weekly due dates, while others offer flexibility in assignment submissions. In most courses, students must submit the minimum required assignments as specified by the instructor to avoid being administratively withdrawn from the course. Students are advised to carefully read all course information at the beginning of the course to understand the applicable deadlines for each VLBI course they are enrolled in.

Payment Options:

  • Full payment of fees and tuition is required at the time of enrollment.
  • Payment options are available upon request, with some plans involving a down payment.
  • We prioritize a commitment to completing coursework due to our not-for-profit, low-margin structure.

Low Tuition Philosophy:

  • Our philosophy emphasizes providing a quality, spiritual education without burdening students with oppressive financial debt.
  • We avoid costly regional accreditation, aiming to offer affordable, quality education as a ministry.

Student Loans:

  • VLBI offers an in-house, interest-free, "pay-as-you-learn" format, reducing the financial burden on students.


  • Students enjoy schedule flexibility, allowing them to progress at their preferred pace based on personal preferences, work schedules, and finances.

Access to Online Dashboard:

  • Upon completion of the admission and enrollment process, students gain access to the online dashboard.
  • Classes are facilitated during 8-week terms each semester. Students can choose to take courses via self-paced online learning or correspondence. 


  • Monthly tuition is due on or before the 5th of each month.
  • A late fee of $25.00 is applicable if payments are not made on the scheduled date.
  • Failure to make payments for two consecutive months may result in suspension from the enrolled Degree Program. 

Refund Policy:

  • VLBI has a No Refund Policy. All tuition payments are non-refundable upon enrollment in certificate and degree programs.
  • The enrollment fee is refundable only if the perspective student is not accepted into their desires program. 
  • Withdrawal from a degree program requires completion of the 'Withdrawal Form' submitted to

Payment Methods:

  • Payments are accepted through PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Cash, Cashier’s Check, and eCheck.
  • Bank checks should indicate the student's name, student ID number, and email address, payable to VLBI.

For any financial difficulties or inquiries, please contact us. We are committed to providing transparent information and assisting you throughout your educational journey at VLBI.

Tuition and Enrollment Fees: 2024-2025 Payment Options.

Make Tuition Payments Here

Additional Fees and Fee Descriptions: 

  1. Application Fee
  • Amount: $50 (Degree Programs); $50 (NACC Programs)
  • Description: This fee covers the cost of our staff to review your submitted VLBI application.
  1. Tuition Fee
    • Amount: Based on program of study. 
    • Description: This fee covers the teaching and instruction provided by VLBI.
  2. Master's Thesis
    • Amount: $600.00
    • Description: Fee for the evaluation and processing of a Master's thesis.
  3. Reinstatement Fee
    • Amount: $150.00
    • Description: Fee charged for reinstating a student's enrollment after a period of inactivity or withdrawal.
  4. Insufficient Funds Fee
    • Amount: $25.00 per check
    • Description: Fee charged for each check returned due to insufficient funds.
  5. Transcript Fee
    • Amount: $25.00 (each after one gratis)
    • Description: Fee for each additional transcript requested beyond the first free copy.
  6. Degree Replacement
    • Amount: $75.00
    • Description: Fee for replacing a lost or damaged degree certificate.
  7. Graduation Fee
    • Amount: $125.00 (Degree Students); $50.00 (Certificate/Diploma Students)
    • Description: Fee for processing graduation paperwork and participation in the commencement ceremony. (Regalia is purchased separately.)
  8. Technology Fee
    • Amount: $10.00 per course
    • Description: Fee to support technology resources and infrastructure per course.
  9. L.E.A.P. Life Experience Assessment Portfolio
    • Amount: $300.00
    • Description: Fee for the assessment of the Life Experience Assessment Portfolio (LEAP) to earn credits for life experiences.
  10. Life Experience Credit
    • Amount: $13.33 per credit
    • Description: Fee per credit hour awarded based on life experience.
  11. Bible Knowledge Equivalency Exam Fee
    • Amount: $100.00
    • Description: Fee for taking the Bible Knowledge Equivalency Exam to demonstrate proficiency and potentially earn credit.
  12. Annual Renewal Fee (NACC Graduates)
    • Amount: $50
    • Description: The purpose of the renewal fee for the National Association of Christian Counselors (NACC) is to sustain membership benefits, resources, and support services provided to its members. The renewal fee enables the NACC to maintain operational functions, including administrative costs, website maintenance, member communications, and the development of programs and resources tailored to the needs of Christian counselors. By paying the renewal fee, members contribute to the ongoing vitality and growth of the organization, ensuring that it can continue to fulfill its mission of supporting and equipping Christian counselors in their professional and spiritual endeavors.