Transcript Request

Official Transcript Information and Requirements

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Official Transcript Definition: An official transcript is the certified record from a college's registrar's office (or records office) that documents the coursework completed by a student. It serves as an authoritative and comprehensive record of the student's academic history at the institution.

Components of an Official Transcript:

  1. School Information:

    • The official transcript should display the name of the educational institution.
  2. Student Information:

    • The transcript must include the student's name.
  3. Course Details:

    • A detailed breakdown of courses taken, including course titles and credits earned, organized by semester.
  4. Cumulative GPA:

    • The cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of the student should be provided.
  5. Dates Attended:

    • The transcript should specify the dates during which the student was enrolled at the institution.
  6. Degree Conferment:

    • If applicable, the transcript should mention the degree conferred and the date of conferral.

Important Note:

  • An official transcript retains its status only when it remains unopened, sealed, and stamped.
  • If a student has opened the envelope or if the seal is broken, the transcript is no longer considered official.

Transcript Submission to VLBI:

  • When submitting a transcript to VLBI, ensure it is an official, unopened, sealed, and stamped transcript from the previous institution.

Financial Obligations and Transcript Issuance:

  • Official transcripts will not be issued by VLBI if the student has outstanding financial obligations to the institution.
  • It is imperative for students to clear any outstanding financial obligations before requesting an official transcript.

Transcript Mailing Address:

  • Provide the designated mailing address for sending official transcripts to VLBI.
  • Victorious Living Bible Institute, ATTN: Registrar, 702 Ossie Davis Parkway, Waycross, Georgia 31501

Maintaining the integrity of the official transcript ensures its credibility and accuracy as a record of the student's academic achievements.