Life Experience Assessment Portfolio (LEAP) Program at VLBI

At Victorious Living Bible Institute (VLBI), we recognize the value of the lessons learned in life. Our Life Experience Assessment Portfolio (LEAP) program is designed to honor and translate these experiences into college credits, allowing you to advance in your educational journey without duplicating knowledge.

Key Features:

  1. Recognition of Life Lessons:

    • Your life experiences are honored and translated into credits, ensuring that the lessons you've learned are acknowledged and applied to your education.
  2. Efficient Learning Path:

    • You are not required to re-learn lessons you already know, leading to a more efficient and streamlined learning path.
  3. Decreased Time and Expense:

    • Your educational time and expenses are decreased as you leverage your existing knowledge, making education more accessible.
  4. Ongoing Practica:

    • Learning is clarified and validated through ongoing practica, with life itself being recognized as one of your major teachers.

LEAP Process:

  1. Life Experience Assessment Portfolio Fee:

    • A $300.00 non-refundable fee is required to review and calculate total credits for prior learning and professional experience. This fee is paid in full at the time of application/enrollment.
  2. Life Experience Credit Fee:

    • A fee of $13.33* per credit is applicable towards life experience. For example, if VLBI awards the student 15 credits for life experience, an additional $199.95 is required above the Life Experience Assessment Portfolio fee.
  3. Application Process:

    • Contact admissions@victoriouslbi.org before submitting payment to discuss eligibility and the application process.
    • Once payment is received, the application will be submitted via email.


  • LEAP allows you to have up to 20% of your required credits towards your Degree awarded based on your ministry life experience along with additional coursework, exams, and academic papers.

  • Earn up to 30 credit hours toward your undergraduate degree. 

  • Qualify for your degree with a minimum of course requirements by applying credits earned through LEAP.

At VLBI, we believe in recognizing and valuing your unique journey. Contact admissions@victoriouslbi.org to explore earning life experience credits and take the next step in your educational pursuit.

*Note: All fees and rates are subject to change. Please refer to the latest information provided by VLBI.

L.E.A.P. - Life Experience Assessment Portfolio