Support Our Mission: Contribute to Christian Education

Your generous contribution plays a crucial role in supporting our mission to provide affordable Christian Degree Programs. By investing in our educational initiatives, you are actively participating in the training and equipping of soul-shepherds in the United States and Kenya (Africa). These individuals are being prepared with the values, education, and skills necessary to impact the world for the glory of God.

Reasons to Contribute:

  1. Impactful Training: Your donation ensures that pastors, leaders, and individuals receive quality and affordable Christian education, enhancing their ability to serve their communities effectively.

  2. Global Outreach: Supporting our programs extends the reach of the Gospel not only within the United States but also in Kenya (Africa). Your contribution facilitates the training of individuals who can make a difference on a global scale.

  3. Expanding God's Word: Your investment directly contributes to the expansion of God's word. Well-trained individuals become effective messengers, reaching believers and challenging non-believers to come to faith.

  4. Crucial Investment: Christian education is a vital investment in people who are learning to expound God's word. As the Gospel is preached widely, its transformative impact goes beyond the immediate community, influencing lives and communities.

How Your Contribution Helps:

  • Supports affordable Christian Degree Programs.
  • Empowers individuals with the knowledge and skills to serve as effective leaders and messengers.
  • Extends the reach of Christian education to diverse communities, impacting believers and non-believers alike.
  • Advances the cause of Jesus Christ through the transformative power of education.

Expressing Our Gratitude: We sincerely appreciate your willingness to contribute to the advancement of Jesus Christ's cause through Christian education. Your support is instrumental in creating a positive impact on individuals, communities, and the broader mission of spreading the Gospel.

Thank You for Your Generosity and Commitment to Christian Education!