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Jennifer K. Harris is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, SYMBIS (Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts) Facilitator, Motivational Speaker, Coach, Licensed minister and Certified Christian Counselor. Most of all she is grateful for the opportunity to help someone else. 

Order Jennifer's Planner and Journal: 'Chozen4This' today at the following link and browse her website for services offered by her organization. Jennifer is an alumni of VLBI's Christian Counselor Certification program. 

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This foundational course explores in detail the fundamental foundations of pastoral counseling ministry, historically and practically. It will be taught from a strong biblical perspective and is a preparatory course for this area of vital ministry.

Dr. Tony Lewis is the president and founder of Christian Bible Institute and Seminary, of which VLBI is an affiliate. This book is required for students in our Board Certified Pastoral Counselor and Advanced Certificate in Pastoral Care and Counseling courses. 

To purchase, visit: Pastoral Counseling - Dr. Tony V. Lewis (

'The Art of Living 30 Day Inspirational' by Terry A. Weems, Sr. 

The Art of Living 30 Day Inspirational provides hope, motivation and meaning to those whose lives are misguided, misdirected, and misplaced. Terry A. Weems is the establishmentarium of Obadiah's Ecclesiastical Alliance and student in VLBI's Board Certified Christian Counselor Certification program. 

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Dr. Brenda Bingham is a native Houstonian and author of the curriculum for the 'Certificate in Domestic Violence Intervention' Course offered at VLBI. She has been married to Lawrence Bingham for 25 years. Brenda has two daughters and three bonus children. She enjoys spending time with her children and traveling the world.

Brenda obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in History and Government from Texas Southern University and a Master’s Degree in Counseling from Texas Southern University. She has also obtained a PhD in Christian Counselor and Psychology at Christian Bible Institute & Seminary. 

'10 Steps To Overcoming Trauma and Abuse' is a required textbook for the 'Certificate in Domestic Violence Intervention' Course. This book and other merchandise offered by Dr. Bingham can be purchased at the following link: BRB SHOP Dr. Brenda R. Bingham (