Single Course Enrollment

Single Course Enrollment - Special Students

Are you not quite ready to commit to a full degree program but want to explore specific courses for personal enrichment or other purposes? Enroll as a Special Student for single course enrollment at Victorious Living Bible Institute. Here's what you need to know:

Advantages of Single Course Enrollment:

  • Personal Enrichment: Take courses of interest without committing to a full degree program.
  • Certificate Pathway: Courses may be applied toward a certificate program if you decide to pursue one.
  • Transfer Credits: If you plan on transferring the course to another institution, you have the flexibility to do so.
  • Immediate Course Access: Start a course(s) while the admission process is being completed for a full degree program.

Special Student Guidelines:

  • Maximum Credits: Special Students can enroll in a maximum of 12 credits.
  • No Specific Degree Obligations: You are not obligated to follow specific degree requirements.
  • Path to Degree Program: Special Students may later apply to a degree program after completing the admission process and any in-progress coursework. Review program requirements on the 'Academics' page for more information.

How to Enroll for a Single Graduate Course:

  1. Review the complete list of online single certificate course offerings.*
  2. Complete the Special Student Single Certificate Online Enrollment application provided below.

Special Student Single Certificate Online Enrollment: Single Course Certificate Program (

Explore your academic interests, enhance your knowledge, and take the first step towards your educational journey with Victorious Living Bible Institute's Single Course Enrollment for Special Students.

*This list is not exhaustive. Please contact for any course of interest not available on this list.