"My experience with VLBI has been amazing. I have learned so much about the foundation of counseling and have even learned a lot about myself in the process. The curriculum is very easy to follow and very informative with God's word. 

Dr. Sellers is a Jewel and very personable. She was always there to assist when I had a question. She would always take the time to extend a prayer. 

I would highly recommend VLBI to anyone who is looking to enhance their knowledge in the Ministry." 

- Celestine Johnson (Decatur, Georgia), Online Board Certified Christian Counselor Program, Class of 2024

"As a graduate of VLBI, I have increased my knowledge and understanding of the Word, and have grown spiritually and personally. Dr. Sellers goes above and beyond to ensure each student understands the content. Her in-depth study of the Word is evident in the manner in which she delivers each anointed, Spirit-filled lesson. Dr. Sellers' classes and assignments provide opportunities for students to engage in learning and apply it to real life experiences, which helps students retain what they've learned. I highly recommend VLBI to anyone who wants to 1) enhance or gain in-depth knowledge of the Word, 2) wants to grow spiritually, and/or 3) wants to be a more effective leader and servant."

- Dr. Anita Harris (Blackshear, GA), Doctor of Ministry: Christian Leadership, Class of 2020

"I am so thankful to be a student at Victorious Living Bible Institute. My wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of the Gospel has increased tremendously since enrolling as a student. Dr. Renae Sellers is a phenomenal teacher!!! Enroll today!!! You will not regret it!!!"

- Angela Myers Cooper (Cairo, GA), Bible Diploma in Christian Ministry, Class of 2018

"I thank God for Dr. Renae Sellers' vision for Victorious Living Bible Institute. I can honestly say that I am enjoying this learning experience. The way Dr. Sellers breaks down the Bible word by word gives us a great outlook of God's plan and Jesus' mission as we understand the Power Principles, while building faith, unity, love, forgiveness and maximizing our ministry. I give God all the glory for VLBI. I can't wait to get started on our next class."

- Monique Flanagan (Deceased/Waycross, GA), Bible Diploma in Christian Ministry, Class of 2018

"Awesome! Awesome! Awesome teaching of the Word of God. Dr. Renae Sellers is an awesome and anointed teacher. I recommend anyone who wants to know the Word of God to sign up for VLBI. It will change your life!"

- Tyrone Harris (Blackshear, GA), Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies, Class of 2020

"Pastor, I count myself blessed by being one of the first VLBI's student here in Kenya, Kitale campus. My first classes were awesome. God is really touching my life in a way I can't even explain. Am being equipped and hope by the end of my studies, I'll be what 2 Timothy 2:15 wants me to be. May God bless you for heeding to this call of equipping God's servants."

- Arthur Mbako (Kitale, Kenya), Bible Diploma In Christian Ministry, VLBI Kenya (East Africa) Campus, Class of 2021

"This is an awesome school. Classes build character, challenge and encourage us in our life in Christ. The teachers are well versed in the Word and are men and women who are committed to Jesus Christ." 

- Barbara Maxwell-King), Certificate Program, Class of 2020

"I have little participation but that little is just awesome for you are such a great teacher of the Word. I may not say much but l am listening. Thank God for your faithfulness and dedication and VLBI." 

- Eloise Lee (Waycross, GA), Certificate Program, Class of 2020

"I have taken three classes with Victorious Living Bible Institute and I can tell you this has been the best decision I have made. Top notch teaching from the Pastors and Subject Matter Experts have been amazing. I recommend these classes that are being offered for anyone who would like to expand their knowledge of the word of God and have a closer relationship with him." 

- Debra Recupero (Homestead, FLA), Certificate in Christian Ministry, Class of 2019

"VLBI has created a virtual environment for learning more about the bible as well as tools to promote my spiritual growth and development. It is motivating, encouraging and very supportive in my journey to be a true example of Christ living and abiding in me. Pastor and Dr. Sellers are dedicated to winning souls for Christ." 

- Janice Elaine (Valdosta, GA)

"It was such a great honor and pleasure being a part of the Christian Counseling Program at Victorious Living Bible Institute. Dr Sellers is such a phenomenal woman of God. She was very knowledgeable, patient, supportive, and encouraging. When I wanted to give up, she pushed me to the finish line with words of wisdom. Thank you! Grace and Peace be with all other students [in the program]. Blessings!!

I'm Grateful!!!??"

- Latinya Jones (Orlando, FLA), Board Certified Christian Counselor, Fall 2020

"We absolutely love our counseling sessions with Dr. Sellers. She educates us naturally and spiritually. We are always able to take what we learn in the sessions and apply them to our lives."

- Pastoral/Marriage Counseling, Victorious Living Counseling and Coaching 

"My experience for the first time was very helpful. Dr Sellers was such a great listener regards to the matters of the heart. She gave very good advice and encouraged me with biblical truths. I'm glad I took the first step, and I look forward to the end results."

- Pastoral Counseling, Victorious Living Counseling and Coaching

"Great session. Very encouraging. The Word of God was the main informational advice."

- Pastoral Counseling, Victorious Living Counseling and Coaching

"I enrolled at VLBI over a year ago, right before COVID. I am so glad that God led me to this School. The teaching and commitment to excellence in learning is consistent in every class. The subject matter and classes, as well as the instructors and administrators, are outstanding. The study groups and curriculum will challenge you, while also inspiring you to go deeper into your studies of God's word. If you are looking to further your education in Theology and Biblical Studies, or if you are called by God into the Ministry (which we ALL are), this is a wonderful choice. I cannot say enough good things about my experience and growth since enrolling." 

- Michael Thames (Orlando, FLA), Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies, Class of 2022

"My experience with VLBI was great. The curriculum was Christ centered and Bible based teaching. The staff is excellent, I was never left without direction and support. I would highly recommend VLBI. The ministry is a pillar in our community that demonstrates love and giving to others. They have classes to equip the Body of Christ to help advance the Kingdom of God. So if you are ready to elevate your life give them a call." 

- Camille N. Wesley (Waycross, GA), National Association of Christian Counselors Board Certification Program, Class of 2021

"I recommend Victorious Living Bible Institute to anyone looking to grow in ministry in any position. I graduated from here with my Christian Counseling Certification. The classes were great and very informative. They are self-paced and what I liked most was that our teacher was easy to contact with questions, especially since this was an online course during the pandemic. I plan on continuing my education in the near future to receive my Bachelors in Biblical Studies."

- Shannon N. McGauley (Blackshear, GA), National Association of Christian Counselors Board Certification Program, Class of 2022

"I highly recommend Victorious LBI. The course material for the Certified Christian Counselor class was a blessing to me. As I studied, I was encouraged in my personal Christian walk. I was also inspired to share what I learned with others. I also like that the classes are affordable and the option for a payment plan was helpful. Dr Renae Sellers is an awesome instructor!!!" 

- Portrina Jones (Valdosta, GA), National Association of Christian Counselors Board Certification Program, Class of 2022

"Pure excellence!! My teacher was knowledgeable and supportive!! The lesson text was very informative and insightful. Thanks Victorious Living!!" 

- Sharon Hunter (Waycross, GA), National Association of Christian Counselors Board Certification Program, Fall 2022

"A close friend shared that she had obtained her certification as a Christian Counselor and in my search I came across this program. From orientation until the last day, Dr. Sellers was amazing. She opened with prayer, completed an overview of the program, and checked in throughout the program to ensure I was supported. When I offered feedback during the program, it was well received and applied. Great program that moves at your pace. Thank you for the opportunity."

- Jennifer Harris (Landowne, PA), Online Christian Counselor Certification Program, Fall 2022

"My experience with Victorious Living Bible Institute was very good and exciting. The staff is very professional and they made my learning experience so much easier! Thanks VLBI! I'm excited to be an Alumni!"

- Sylvester Ginn, Jr. (Mansfield, OH), Accelerated Christian Counselor Certification Program, Fall 2022