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To enroll in our diploma or degree programs you may click on the New Student Application Enrollment Form button below. This will allow you to download the New Student Application Enrollment Form. After downloading, please fill it out and send the completed application to us by U.S. mail along with the required fees. Fees may also be paid online and the application emailed or faxed to VLBI. 

Enrollment is also available electronically at the bottom of this page. Simply complete the online application, submit with application fee, and you will be contacted soon to discuss further requirements. 

Once this is complete, if accepted as a student you will receive an admission letter along with your tuition requirements. You should also send copies of all required Certificates, Degrees and Diplomas along with two passport size photos after you receive the admission letter from VLBI. If for some reason you are not accepted as a student we will refund your enrollment fee. However, the application fee is non-refundable.

Admission/Matriculation Requirements:



Prerequisite: None

Associate's Degree:

Prerequisite: A high school diploma or GED is required and must be completed before beginning college courses.  

Bachelor's Degree:

Prerequisite: An earned Associate's Degree from an accredited College, Institute, University or Seminary. 

Master's Degree:

Prerequisite: An earned Bachelor's Degree from an accredited College, Institute, University or Seminary.

Doctorate Degree:

Prerequisite: An earned Master's Degree from an accredited Bible College, Institute, University or Seminary. A Pastoral recommendation is required at this level.***


If the applicant does not meet the minimum requirements for admission in a particular program, one of the following may occur:

A. Admission will be denied
B. Applicant will be accepted in a lower degree program
C. Applicant will be required to take some additional courses
If any course that we require has already been completed in an Accredited Bible College, we will allow the student to be exempt from taking that course.

Matriculation Fees: 

Application Fee: $25.00 (Non-refundable)

Enrollment Fee: $100.00 for Degree Programs; $50.00 for Diploma/Certificate Programs

         L.E.A.P. - Life Experience Assessment Program: $300.00**

**Earn up to 30 credit hours toward your degree with L.E.A.P. The lessons you have learned in life are honored and translated into credits, rather than ignored and wasted. Since you are not forced to re-learn lessons you already know, you are free to go on to discover new truths. Your educational time and expense are decreased while your learning is increased. Students can receive credit for ministry life experience by completing the life experience assessment form; available upon request. Students who do not wish to complete the Life Experience Assessment will not be eligible to receive any Life Experience credit.

Bible Knowledge Equivalency Exam: $85.00 to $100.00

All new students desiring to receive life experience credit must complete and submit the 400 question Bible Knowledge Equivalency Exam or the 100 question Bible Knowledge Equivalency Exam. A fee of $100.00 is required to take the 400 question exam and $85.00 to take the 100 question exam. 

Click here to download the Pastors Recommendation Form

All doctoral students must complete the Pastoral Recommendation form in its entirety. This form must be completed by the person whose contact information you provide. Be sure to only provide the name of a present or former pastor or spiritual leader who is not a member of your immediate family. If your pastor is related to you, you may have an elder, church officer, or other spiritual leader act as pastoral reference.

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